Thursday, May 2, 2013

Arghhh!  Again, kind of walked away, but I am back, and will hopefully stay... that way :)  Heehee.

Point of the post today - I will NEVER AGAIN do a presentation, training session, workshop that isn't exceptional.  I promise!

That means I will know my stuff to the nth degree, I will consider the needs of the audience and send them home with something that will be meaningful and useful, and I will make the presentation fun and enjoyable.  I will be completely prepared, practiced, and will have my timing down solid.

I love doing presentations, but I sometimes put them off, and that isn't fair to the people who take the time to come.  From now on, if I agree to present, I will make it something grand.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Okay, I apparently am easily distracted.  I'm not going to let that happen again.  I got caught up in some serious food issues, and have kind of let things fall apart.  It is definitely time to start all over, and not a minute too soon (probably a few minutes too late).  I am pretty sick and tired of myself and my behavior these days.  I am eating without any control, and buying food that is both bad for me and that will sabotage all my goals for my physical self.  I am spinning my wheels at work and focusing on all the piddly little things while there are so many big things that would make such a huge difference.  This girl - the girl of the last few months - I don't like her at all, and she isn't very happy either.

I will become exceptional this year, and I will do it beginning right now.  I will take control of my life and the choices I make.  Starting over, going to do it right.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Today, it really begins - and I do have the energy for it - know I'll have to keep rediscovering that as I go.  First step, gathering up the whole picture of everything that is going on right now.  I actually have 9 active projects (from small to really large) and a variety of other smaller tasks on my plate.  They have now all been identified, and next steps have been determined.  Now, I just need to get busy and get going on them.

The next step is to plan a meeting with my 2 supervisors - we are going to have to work hand-in-hand together to accomplish everything I want to happen - and I'm sure they have things they want to do as well.  I will sit down with them and go over all the various things that are happening or that I want to happen.  Once we've set a course of action, the next step will be talking to the rest of the department.  We really can't make things happen without them. 

In the meanwhile, for those projects and tasks that are largely mine alone, I just need to get started knocking them off.  Will make an ambitious but manageable to-do list for each day.  It really is time to stop planning (something I love, love, love to do) and start doing! 

I need to prepare for 2 meetings this afternoon, and then I will prioritize and get started on making big things happen.  And yes, I'm confident that both meetings are necessary and will be useful - and I'm determined they will be focused AND over as quickly as possible - while still allowing for the necessary thought and discussion.