Thursday, December 27, 2012

I am enjoying the Christmas holiday and getting rested up for what is really going to be the best year ever.  Have spent time with people I love, read a lot of books, took a few naps - life is pretty good.  I'm going to get started on the plan a bit early, though - have time on my hands, will start putting my house in order.  Need to do some cleaning up and cleaning out.  Also got a book on managing/leading - so far, very interesting - will put the title here if the book pans out as a good one.  I have really benefited from some great books this year - will make a list.

Also just relaxing and enjoying - going out to dinner with friends tonight, looking forward to it.  A couple days of relaxing, another day spent with friends, and yet a few more days of relaxing - good way to end and begin again.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I'm wrapping up this year - it has really been a pretty decent year, all in all.  I'm heading off to my Christmas vacation with things in good shape - projects are at good places, to-do list is empty, email and inboxes are cleared out.  I am so ready, though, to make next year be so much more than that.

I'm going to become great at my job, I'm going to make things happen, learn my stuff, be a great manager - I am going to become real.  I am going to start planning for how to make this happen:

  • Habits, I think it is going to be all about habits - creating healthy habits and getting rid of unhealthy habits - morning habits, evening habits, exercise habits, eating habits, working habits 
  • Scheduling important things and sticking to the schedule - time for projects, learning, and doing
  • Focusing on work habits - finding small ways to improve my focus and persistence
  • Remembering the big picture - the end game - good health, good condition, happy staff, great projects
  • Not caring what other people think - about my work, my appearance, my plan, my journey - I am going to live my life to make myself happy
I am not waiting any more - I will die someday - I have nothing to lose - I only want good for myself and those around me - I want to feel great - emotionally, physically, every way.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another year has almost gone by and I am still average - doing fine, only a bit overweight and out of shape, with a house that is fairly clean and neat by most standards.  Life is good, life is easy, life is fine.

I want so much more than this, and 2013 is the year that I am going to make it happen - the year of becoming exceptional.

I have been incredibly self-indulgent - doing things the easy way and just sliding by.  That is NOT what I want for myself.  I want a full, happy, crazy life and career - I want to go out thinking I did it right.

Now, now, now - my time is now - this is my year, and at the end of it, I will look back and be very, very proud of what I have accomplished.