Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3

Well, if there is any idea I need to revisit, it's becoming exceptional.  I've kind of fallen apart with the end of my last relationship - lazy, unmotivated, and fat - just realized how fat when I tried on some of my jackets.  Regained all the 45 pounds I lost!!!  Can't believe I let that happen!!!  Today has to be the end of that and the beginning of becoming exceptional,  I want to lose this weight, conquer my compulsive eating habits once and for all, and make big things happen at work.  I'm going to embrace being single (well, with some exception for whatever it is I'm doing with Richard) and get my life in order once and for all.  I'm not doing this again after this - time to grow up and live the life I want.

First thing, oddly, I will eat vegetables every day - haven't done that in way too long.  Treadmill every day or at least most and most of all, no more excuses!  Can't believe I'm back here again.  I'm promising myself that it's the last time and that it ends now!

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